Outpatient CT Service at Optivet Referrals

Our new outpatient CT service gives your patients easy access to affordable advanced imaging – the service is designed as an extension of your own Practice’s facilities.

We have installed a state of the art Toshiba 128 Slice CT System in order to be able to offer veterinary Practices in the South a full Outpatient CT service.

It’s a true Outpatient service with the patient and client remaining yours throughout the process.

  • CT enables more accurate and timely diagnosis of both routine and potentially life-threatening conditions, including tumours.
  • This in turn enables timely medical and surgical intervention with clear benefits for your patients and their owners.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Imaging has a cost but often results in more beneficial and lower cost treatment for the patient from the outset.

‘A mutually beneficial, leading edge human medicine option for your patient’

How to use the service – it’s easy!

  • Complete the online booking form below or download here and email it to us (ct@optivet.com), choosing a date and time that are convenient for your client.
  • We will respond with a confirmation and estimate for a CT imaging package, including all of the costs  (GA or sedation / CT imaging / Contrast agent if required / Full imaging report).
  • Packages start from approximately £600 + vat
  • CT imaging takes place (patient is normally left with us for 2-3 hours).
  • An imaging report by a Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging from VetCT Specialists is delivered to you electronically within 24-48 hours.
  • Our in-house ophthalmic, medicine, orthopaedic and soft tissue Specialists are on hand to offer further support and intervention if requested.
  • Your Practice is invoiced for the estimated amount. (We will invoice your client direct if that is preferable).

Click Here for the CT Online Booking Form

How CT will help my patient

There are many indications for CT in small animal patients:

 Tables courtesy of VetCT Specialists Ltd.