We are happy to claim the cost of any treatment directly from your insurance company but need you to do the following:

  • Before your first consultation with us, call your insurance company and authorise them to speak to Optivet Referrals about your policy. 
  • Provide us with your policy details (insurer / policy number / cover limit / previous claims / any outstanding claims).
  • Complete a claim form (most claim forms are available here).
  • We will ask you for a £350 deposit or the co-payment percentage on your policy, whichever is the higher. When we receive payment from your insurer, anything owed to you will be refunded.
  • There is a £33 administration fee to cover the cost of making the direct insurance claim.
  • We do not process direct insurance claims for cases requiring a consult only.
  • If the insurance company do not pay for anything, whatever the reason, you as the owner are liable to pay Optivet Referrals in full.
  • Optivet Referrals reserves the right to decline making a direct insurance claim on your behalf.